Posted on Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dream Casting: A Court of Thorns and Roses series - part 1

Dream Casting is something I adore doing -- it can on the same time as being extremely fun, also be a difficult challenge (and I really enjoy that). I love finding "real" faces to fictional characters. I would very much like if you'd comment your own dream cast!

I genuinely think that Lily James would be the perfect Feyre -- she really looks like her to me and she is also quite similar to the Feyre created by Charlie Bowater (definitely my dream Feyre). You need to check out her ACOTAR/ACOMAF art (it's absolutely gorgeous!!). The only thing missing with Lily James is Feyre's bluish-grey eyes, but that's easy peasy to fix. I think she's the most accurate choice out of all the suggestions I've found so far.

A Tamlin was for sure the hardest to find out of all four characters. Luke Bracey is nearly perfect for the role -- he's radiating Tamlin from every part of him. He's Australian and cute and could positively portray a great beast. And he looks attractive with blonde hair too.

CHRIS WOOD as Rhysand
My sister and I talked about this actor for the role and both of us would be pleased with Chris Wood as Rhys (if there will ever be a movie). The beard is actually no problem for me (even though Rhys doesn't have one), but it's easy to overlook if you don't like it -- Chris Wood looks gorgeous without it as well so there's nothing to worry about. And the gif above is surely nothing to complain about, am I right?

Lucien has red hair and Dane does too, so that's great. I was surprised to find Dane Dehaan so similar to my "in-my-head" Lucien. He's very cute and he seems lovely (as do Lucien) so I'd love to see him in the role.


  1. I love this! AND OH MY GOSH CHRIS WOOD!!! I love him so much!!!! He would be a perfect Rhysand. <3

  2. Åh vad roligt att jag redan är med i din blog roll!! Hade ingen aning<3!