Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2016

TV-show Review: Stranger Things (First Season)

This weekend I watched the new Netflix series, Stranger Things, and I absolutely (completely) loved it. It's an eight-episode series (so far since it's only one season out) that takes place in 1983 and it follows a group of people looking for Will, a young boy who mysteriously disappears one night on the way home. (Although I'm a 90s kid, I know how well they created the 80s feeling - it was impressing and amazing.)

This series was such a fantastic surprise and it actually blew my mind a little. I really, really enjoyed this and it was super easy to go through it in only two sittings (I most definitely would've finished it in one sitting if it wasn't for my having company watching). This TV-show is, hands down, one of the best Netflix series existing at this very moment. I just loved it so much and I'm so sad I'll have to wait another year for the next season.

The story is compelling and mysterious. The characters are glorious (Mike, Eleven, Dustin and Lucas are my favorites - they are so, so great). (I don't know if one can ship two 12-year-olds, but I do!!). It's fantasy/sci-fi which is enchanting and it also brings up conspiracies and also alternate universes (I'm a big fan of those subjects). I have no previous experience of Winona Ryder's acting and such, but she played her role very well.

"A friend is someone that you’d do anything for. You lend them your cool stuff, like comic books and trading cards. And they never break a promise." (ep.2)

The series is so very nicely produced and it's true when I say that I love almost everything about it. I cannot wait to see what the next season has to offer (I have my ideas and I hope I'm right). I recommend it with all my heart - go watch it now. 

Rating: 5/5 stars


  1. Åh vad kul att det var bra! Tänkte i alla fall ta och kolla igenom det första avsnittet. Vet inte riktigt om det är något för mig

    1. Ja, kolla det första avsnittet iallafall. Hoppas du gillar det!