Posted on Monday, August 8, 2016

TV-Show Recommendations | Survival

Here are my top 5 TV-show recommendations -- the survival edition -- because I love these TV-shows and I want you to love them too. I adore all five of them and they have at some point been a favorite of mine and three of them still are.

Heads up!! This is not a normal recommendation post. It's in the form of "if you enjoy these particular things you should definitely watch this TV-show" but some of the particular things won't perhaps make sense, but I promise you'll understand when you watch the show. Or maybe not -- then you'll have to ask me because sometimes things I write don't make sense (and also, I'm pretty much fangirling while writing this because I love these TV-series so much and I want you to love them as well. Fangirling makes it even harder for me to format my words in a comprehending way so I'm sorry)

Be ready


If you like: mysterious islands, plane crashing on island, disasters, fantasy, what is TIME??, an 8 season long TV-show basically, NUMBERS (very mysterious), unexplainable events, 4 8 15 16 23 42, numbers everywhere, island people, MYSTERY (because the whole show is a mystery for 118 episodes and after those it still is), fantastic characters, love triangle?? or maybe not, people disappearing, amazing friendships, who-are-you??, hiking and adventure, secrets and secret island places, sort of dying at the end of the show because it's over, a character who is the most unlucky lucky person ever, people finding things that shouldn't and couldn't possibly be there, HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?, feeling lost, feeling astonished and amazed because HOW?!
Based on a book?: No -- but I'd love if it was.


If you like: natural disasters, life without electricity, I-thought-someone-was-dead-but-are-they-really? hmm..??, magical insects, a smart guy that also turns out to be a mystery (??) because he can control things and what did he do?, adventure, people looking for something/someone, family drama, people reuniting, people trying to build a new world, plenty of what's-going-on?s, are you my enemy or my friend? Who knows?, who did this? thoughts, a short TV-show with only 2 seasons, reacting like "OMG NO".
Based on a book?: Unfortunately no, but I would easily read the book if there was one!

The Walking Dead 

If you like: zombie apocalypses, SURVIVAL (big time), zombies and blood tbh, people living in a prison, the farm life, your people against other people, not knowing what's going to happen, people reuniting, favorite characters staying alive, violence, badasses everywhere, someone waking up alone at the hospital, fantastic friendships, strangers becoming family, a kick-ass woman with a sword and headless zombies, a kick-ass man with a crossbow, betrayals, a big loving family, crying about characters, character development!!, suspense, preparing for an apocalypse
Based on a book?: Yes, a comic -- The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman | Have I read it?: No

The 100

If you like: space, adventure, monsters or... people?, mystery, city of what?!?, teenagers trying to survive without adults, nature, forbidden love, cannibalism, sky people, people looking for something, fighting, strong female characters, cute friendships, prisoners (teens) being sent down from space to see if humans can live on Earth basically, toxic air and lethal mists?, tribes, prehistoric living, people being seperated and then reunited, a cute brother/sister relationship, intensity, betrayal, blood
Based on a book?: Yes, The 100 by Kass Morgan | Have I read it?: No, and I don't want to.

Wayward Pines

If you like: the wtf's-going-on-feeling, mysterious people, "humans"?? WHAT, people missing, mysterious small town, rules that say that you cannot leave Wayward Pines (!!) because YOU JUST CAN'T, a cop who won't give up nor give in, the first generation?, characters who can't and won't talk about their past because it's forbidden, surveillance everywhere!!, basically the thought of fake towns, science, mystery and weirdness
Based on a book?: Yes, Wayward Pines by Blake Crouch | Have I read it?: No, but I want to.

What are your favorite survival TV-shows? I'd love to know!


  1. The 100 är verkligen en bra serie. Jag tycker att säsong 3 var lite seg bitvis, kan bero på att City of light storyn inte intresserade mig alls men de två första säsongerna är riktigt bra.

    1. Jag håller verkligen med dig om s3! Jag har bara sett 4 (?!) avsnitt av säsong 3 just pga att det blev lite tråkigt, men jag ska definitivt kolla ifatt någon gång i framtiden :)