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Review: Sula's Voyage by Catherine Torres

Sula's Voyage by Catherine Torres

Series: -  Published: May 2016 by Scholastic
Pages: 226 • Source: Sent to me from the author, Catherine Torres • Genres: YA, Fantasy
Status: read from August 20 to September 14, 2016
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Rating: 2.5/5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author, Catherine Torres, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for the book!

First sentence: “She was born somewhere in the Sulawesi Sea, on board a balangay, an ancient wooden boat, or at least, a replica of it.”

This book was an interesting and fun read. I loved where it was set (I really want to go there!). I loved the adventurous and vacation-y feeling this book brought with it! And I really think the cover's pretty too.

I liked that the book didn't really focus on love. Or rather, I liked that love wasn't the main theme because yes, the book did bring up love. I very much enjoy books about family relations, which is something this book had a lot of! It also felt like I got to know a completely different culture and that's super nice.

First of all, Sula was very cute and stubborn in her way of thinking, talking and acting -- and second of all, it really showed that she was 15 since I couldn't relate to her at all. Where has time gone? Since when can't I relate to 15 year olds? However, I liked her. She was not my favorite character (that was Pablo, I think) but she was likable. Some of the relationships were not relatable to me and it had to do with how some characters acted towards others that I'm not used to. And also, I didn't like that it was some kind of instant love between Sula and James.

I found the writing a little... I don't know how to explain it, but it was like "what did you do?", "what do you mean?", "don't you know what you just did?!" (how do you explain that in an intelligible way?). Otherwise, it was easy to understand (except a few words -- but fortunately there was a great glossary in the back!) and there was a natural flow to it. When I decided to sit down and read!, it was a real page-turner.

I clearly thought that I had the ending figured out, but I was so wrong! It was much better than what I had in mind and I actually found that the ending was great! The writing also progressed nicely and I think it was at its best in the middle-end part of the book. I'm happy I got the chance to read this book. 

17927395Fifteen-year-old Sula has always known she is different. Even though her parents have shown her nothing but love and acceptance, she sees her dark skin as a reminder of how she doesn’t fit in with the rest of her family.

What’s worse is she also feels that her parents are hiding something from her. After getting expelled from school, Sula reluctantly goes to stay with her mother’s friends. There she unexpectedly finds herself on a journey of self-discovery — a journey that keeps drawing her to the sea. Sula must not only figure our her parents’ secret, but also just how different, and possibly magical, she really is.

Have you heard of this book? Do you want to read it? Or have you already read it?

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