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Review: Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

Series: Themis Files #1  Published: April 26th 2016 by Del Rey
Pages: 304 • Format: E-book • Genres: Fiction, Sci-Fi
Status: read from July 15 to July 16, 2017
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Rating: 2.75/5 stars

First sentence: “It was my eleventh birthday.”

I had been wanting to read Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel for a really long time before I decided to finally pick it up the other day. The premise was GREAT and made me believe that I'd end up loving the book, but that wasn't really the case. I didn't hate it, of course, but I didn't love it either – instead I ended up somewhere in the middle.

First, Sleeping Giants is most of the time written interview-styled, with a man (completely mysterious in the way that he is indeed identity-less) asking the characters questions that they NEED to answer (it's important). There were also journal entries which I actually enjoyed, because they were more like the "normal" book format.

Second, it was nothing like I had imagined and sometimes that can be disappointing, right? I don't feel like the story led anyplace interesting or shocking, which I truly had hoped. And as it turned out, I didn't really like the story, nor did I feel attached to the characters.

The beginning and the end (prologue and epilogue) were my two favorite parts. The prologue reminded me of Stranger Things and fooled me into believing that I would get something like that, and the ending made me want to read Waking Gods, book two. To be honest, I felt more eager reading the epilogue than reading any other part of the book. I wanted more moments like that throughout the whole thing. Hopefully I'll get that in Waking Gods.

1792739517 years ago, a young girl named Rose fell through the ground in the Black Hills and found herself in an underground chamber filled with gleaming symbols, lying in the palm of a giant metal hand. Now a physicist, Rose leads a research team struggling to determine the hand's origins. When another giant limb is discovered, she quickly devises a method for unearthing the hidden pieces, convinced there is an entire body out there waiting to be found.

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