Posted on Saturday, January 6, 2018

2017 | My Reading Year + My Favorite Books

I read 35 books in 2017, exceeding my goal with 5 books. Across these 35 books, I read approximately 11 000 pages. 

Shortest VS. Longest Book

The average novel I read in 2017 was 313 pages which seems perfectly right. I tend to read books around 330 pages. Opposition wasn't my longest book though, because I didn't read the novella in the end. I believe The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue was my longest book, with 528 pages.

My Average Rating For 2017

3.7/5 stars

Most Popular VS. Least Popular Book

I did not like If I Stay at all, but I really enjoyed and liked Freshers. More people should read it this year.


Published in 2017: 12
Published before 2010:

Female authors: 21
Male authors: 10
Mixed: 4

Standalone: 22
Part of a series: 13

Series I finished: 2
Series I will continue: 4
Series I won't continue: 5 (2 maybe)

My Favorite Books of 2017

What are your favorite books of 2017?

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