Posted on Saturday, January 20, 2018

How I Organize My Bookshelves on Goodreads

I finally organized my bookshelves on Goodreads and I've added so many new shelves! Fun! And I am somewhat finished with adding my books accordingly... Before this day, I had my shelves semi-organized, but now it's starting to look really nice. It may look a little messy if you look at it from my profile-page (see below), but if you click on FILIPPA'S BOOKSHELVES it will look much better... I promise you.

Just look here... (live link)

Let me explain how I've arranged my online shelves... 

Basically, I've devided my shelves into seven different categories, numbered 0-6.
0-2: my basic, most important, shelves.
3: my less "specific" genre shelves. All my books are added to one, maybe two, of those four.
4: genres! I've added the most common genres, except romance I believe, and I just add my books to the right genre/s. It's not harder than that.
5: bookshelves having to do with series.
6: random shelves that aren't as important as the others, but still fun to have.

I organized my shelves like this because I like to have the shelves that belong to the same category together. I want my genres to be together, my reading years together, and so on... Do you organized your Goodreads shelves at all, or don't you care about stuff like that?

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