Posted on Monday, April 2, 2018

Pages Read in March + Book Stack

I tried something new, and maybe a little unnecessary (but very fun!), in March. 

I wrote down the exact amount of pages I read each day in March, and from there I made a cute little diagram and a matching stack of books. I really enjoyed doing this, and I will definitely continue doing it. I made the book stack in the Adobe Illustrator Draw app on my iPad, and the diagram in Gimp 2 (I had to make a completely new diagram earlier, because the original one from the drawing app was so ugly on the computer. Fortunately, this new one turned out much better).

The amount of pages I read in March:

Each color in the diagram corresponds to a book in the stack below:

One of the colors in the diagram (the dark blue on March 12) does not have a corresponding book in the stack, because I did not finish that book in March.

I love to organize my reading in all ways possible (Goodreads, different lists etc.), and it's always fun to see which days I read a lot, and when I didn't read at all. Also, when I finish a novel and get to color one of the books in my little stack, it feels like such an accomplishment on its own. I love it.

I got this idea from BooksandLala. She uses a Bullet Journal, but I like to do it the digital way.

Do you organize what you've read in any way similar to this?

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