Review Policy

Currently: I am accepting review requests!

My reviews are written honestly in every way and the rating will not ever be affected by other people's opinions nor ratings. I will state my own opinions and thoughts on the book. I rate books from 0 to 5 and I also use half and quarter ratings (e.g. 4.25, 2.75, 3.5)

0 - NO
1 - Really bad
2 - Not my cup of tea
3 - This was OK, I liked it
4 - I really enjoyed it
5 - I LOVED it

Genres I prefer to read:
• Young Adult fiction
       - Fantasy, mystery, magical realism, romance, historical fiction, adventure
• New Adult contemporary

I won't review: 
• Poetry/Art
• Nonfiction
• Horror
• Manga

I prefer physical copies of books (have in consideration that I live in Sweden if you offer a physical copy), but I can accept ebooks (epub) as well. I will only accept the book for review if I find the summary interesting, so I do not guarantee that I will accept the book. If I do not respond to your request/email, I will not review the book. I will post the book review both on my blog and on my Goodreads!

In your email, please include if you want me to finish your book within a certain time range. My availability to read and review the book will be in consideration when I decide to accept the request or not.

All books reviewed on my blog, are either purchased by me or sent to me (free of charge) from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. I do not, under any circumstances, get paid for any book review (or any other kind of review) written on this blog. 

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